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Anne Boleyn

An essential biography of Queen Anne Boleyn! Perfect for readers on Alison Weir, Eric Ives and John Guy. ‘A very readable account of all the strands in the complicated tapestry of politics, religion, and that very uncertain quality, the King’s...

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The Byzantine World War

The Crusades shook the world. But why did they happen? Their origins are revealed in a new light. As part of a medieval world war that stretched from Asia to Europe. At its centre was an ancient empire – Byzantium. Told for the first time as a single, linked...

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The Road to Station X

An engrossing account of working in the top-secret world of Bletchley Park during World War Two. Perfect for fans of Sinclair McKay, Tessa Dunlop and Andrew Hodges. In 1938, Sarah Baring was enjoying life as a young debutante. Only a few years later, at the height of...

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Trump’s Second Term: What if?

America is in crisis. The country is locked down with a pandemic. The economy is deteriorating. Businesses are going bankrupt. 40 million people are unemployed. The country’s health system is in tatters. There are protests and rioting around the country. Relations...

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