Author: Charles B. MacDonald

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Exploring the friction between American and European leaders, this riveting book also delves into the aerial war over Germany, the bombing of Dresden and the final surrender of the Nazis.Charles B. MacDonald fought in the Battle of the Bulge as a captain at just twenty-one years of age, and gained the Purple Heart and Silver Star. His sources for

The Mighty Endeavor

include U.S. Army records, extensive original documents and interviews with non-commissioned officers, privates and other participants including General Eisenhower and General Bradley.The result is a comprehensive, fascinating and thought-provoking book that is essential reading for anyone with an interest in modern and military history.

The Mighty Endeavor

tells the gripping story of American participation in World War II, covering dramatic episodes such as the landing in North Africa, D-Day, the liberation of Paris and the Battle of the Bulge.





highly readable look

at the struggle to liberate Europe from Nazi oppression.’

Miami Examiner

‘Mr. MacDonald’s

knowledge, perception, and insight, together, with his narrative power and grace, are impressive

.’ Martin Blumenson, historian‘No other military historian of World War II has Charles MacDonald’s insight . . .

The Mighty Endeavor

is an objective account,

impeccably accurate, eminently fair and, just as important, always readable

.’ John Toland, historian and author of

The Rising Sun

????? ‘This author knows what it is

like to face death

and can

translate how soldiers in the same situation feel

.’ HSJ J.????? ‘

An absorbing examination

of the American involvement both before and during WW2.’ Brian F.????? ‘Written almost 40 years ago,

it still reigns supreme as the best single book yet written

on the overall American involvement in the ETO during World War II.’ Dinsdale

Charles B. MacDonald

was a Deputy Chief Historian for the United States Army. During the war, he rose to the rank of Captain of the 23rd Infantry of the 2nd Division and was awarded the Purple Heart and the Silver Star. He also wrote

A Time for Trumpets

among other books. He died in 1990.