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The publishing world’s secret strategy for selling more full-priced books, is to give them away free

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…from top publishing houses, such as Penguin, Simon & Schuster, and Harlequin, to independent self-published authors such as E.L. James, Amanda Hocking, and J.A. Konrath (and thousands more) this secret ‘price-drop’ tactic is used to quickly ‘BOOST’ interest in their books, for a few hours, a day, or a few days, before quickly returning to their ‘normal’ price.

What they’ve each discovered is that by giving away copies of their books for free, or substantially reduced in price, for a short period — they create a ‘wave’ of customers searching for ‘deals’, and that wave continues, even after the price returns to its ‘normal’ level.

So, even though they have given away hundreds, or thousands, of free books. They will sell more at full price!

Sounds crazy, right?

In the traditional publishing world of paperback books and printing, this tactic could bankrupt a publisher. But in the online world of ebooks — it works. And it works well.

But the purpose of this tactic is to sell more books at full price, so the price-drop might only last for a few hours, or a day, or a few days. Just long enough for word to get out — then the price snaps back up to its normal level. 

Crafty, huh?

Truth is, most book lovers are completely unaware of this tactic. And buy ALL their books at full price, or feel ‘lucky’ when they find a bestselling book at reduced price. 

But imagine if you could find out when these publishers and authors dropped their prices. Imagine if you had a contact who was ‘in the know’… Someone who could drop you a quick email and tell you which books were free or dirt-cheap each day. And you could snap those books up before they returned to normal price.

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