The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Author: Damien Lewis

Category: History, Politics & Culture

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One of the most remarkable stories in the history of Special Forces' operations - Daily ExpressIn the bleak moments after defeat on mainland Europe in winter 1939, Winston Churchill knew that Britain had to strike back hard. So Britain's wartime leader called for the lightning development of a completely new kind of warfare, recruiting a band of eccentric free-thinking warriors to become the first 'deniable' secret operatives to strike behind enemy lines, offering these volunteers nothing but the potential for glory and all-but-certain death. The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare tells the story of the daring victories for this small force of 'freelance pirates', undertaking devastatingly effective missions against the Nazis, often dressed in enemy uniforms and with enemy kit, breaking all previously held rules of warfare. Master storyteller Damien Lewis brings the adventures of the secret unit to life, weaving together the stories of the soldiers' brotherhood in this compelling narrative, from the unit's earliest missions to the death of their leader just weeks before the end of the war.

Five Days That Shocked the World

Author: Nicholas Best

Category: History, Politics & Culture

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‘A gripping account of the last days of World War II… It reads like a thriller, informs like a scholar and is not to be missed.’ - Randall Hansen, author of

Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany 1942–45

On 28 April 1945 Benito Mussolini was dragged from his mistress’s bed and executed. Just two days later, surrounded by the Soviet Army, Adolf Hitler put a gun to his head and committed suicide. Living through the pivotal five days that saw the war in Europe draw to an end were a collection of individuals who already were, or would go on to be some of the most recognized faces in the world.

Drawing on a wealth of unfamiliar material and first-hand accounts,

Nicholas Best

tells the compelling tale of those who witnessed the final days of the war in Europe, from Jack Kennedy to Bob Dole, recuperating in an Italian hospital, and Private Henry Kissinger, back on German soil for the first time since his family fled before the war. Racked with depression, Spike Milligan swigged stolen champagne while Audrey Hepburn was starving in Holland. Roman Polanski was playing with grenades in Krakow and a future Pope was on his way home, terrified of being shot for deserting the Wehrmacht.

Blending historical discourse with the thoughts and reactions of both famous and ordinary individuals,

Five Days that Shocked the World

is an insightful look at the most dramatic 120 hours in history.

Praise for Five Days that Shocked the World:

‘Riveting’ -

Daily Mail

‘Fascinating’ -

The Times

‘Beguiling … a good story well told’ -

BBC History Magazine

Nicholas Best

grew up in Kenya. He was the fiction critic for the

Financial Times

before becoming a full-time author. His books have been translated across the world, and he has been shortlisted for the

Sunday Times

Short Story Award.

Here Be Monsters

Author: Rhyd Wildermuth

Category: History, Politics & Culture

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A clear and engaging history of how left radicalism went wrong and how it can become what it must be again.Here Be Monsters speaks to a left that has forgotten its history, its potential, and its power.Gramsci spoke of a time of monsters or morbid symptoms. In the ancient world, monsters were not enemies, but rather divine warnings, symptoms of a world out of balance. Here Be Monsters meets these monsters and listens to what they have to tell us.Interweaving personal stories with engaging histories of political thought and the meanings of monsters, Rhyd Wildermuth reveals the roots of current identity conflicts and political contradictions in feminism, anti-racist theory, Marxism, Frankfurt School theorists, and the many other leftist attempts to put the world back into balance.The left has always been the province of dreamers and visionaries, or as Ursula K. Le Guin named them, “realists of a larger reality.” Here Be Monsters is an urgent and deeply engaging narrative to help us remember that reality once more.

The Mighty Endeavor

Author: Charles B. MacDonald

Category: History, Politics & Culture

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Exploring the friction between American and European leaders, this riveting book also delves into the aerial war over Germany, the bombing of Dresden and the final surrender of the Nazis.Charles B. MacDonald fought in the Battle of the Bulge as a captain at just twenty-one years of age, and gained the Purple Heart and Silver Star. His sources for

The Mighty Endeavor

include U.S. Army records, extensive original documents and interviews with non-commissioned officers, privates and other participants including General Eisenhower and General Bradley.The result is a comprehensive, fascinating and thought-provoking book that is essential reading for anyone with an interest in modern and military history.

The Mighty Endeavor

tells the gripping story of American participation in World War II, covering dramatic episodes such as the landing in North Africa, D-Day, the liberation of Paris and the Battle of the Bulge.





highly readable look

at the struggle to liberate Europe from Nazi oppression.’

Miami Examiner

‘Mr. MacDonald’s

knowledge, perception, and insight, together, with his narrative power and grace, are impressive

.’ Martin Blumenson, historian‘No other military historian of World War II has Charles MacDonald’s insight . . .

The Mighty Endeavor

is an objective account,

impeccably accurate, eminently fair and, just as important, always readable

.’ John Toland, historian and author of

The Rising Sun

????? ‘This author knows what it is

like to face death

and can

translate how soldiers in the same situation feel

.’ HSJ J.????? ‘

An absorbing examination

of the American involvement both before and during WW2.’ Brian F.????? ‘Written almost 40 years ago,

it still reigns supreme as the best single book yet written

on the overall American involvement in the ETO during World War II.’ Dinsdale

Charles B. MacDonald

was a Deputy Chief Historian for the United States Army. During the war, he rose to the rank of Captain of the 23rd Infantry of the 2nd Division and was awarded the Purple Heart and the Silver Star. He also wrote

A Time for Trumpets

among other books. He died in 1990.

Bitter Blood

Author: Jerry Bledsoe

Category: History, Politics & Culture

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The “riveting” #1 New York Times bestseller: A true story of three wealthy families and the unbreakable ties of blood (Kirkus Reviews).   The first bodies found were those of a feisty millionaire widow and her daughter in their posh Louisville, Kentucky, home. Months later, another wealthy widow and her prominent son and daughter-in-law were found savagely slain in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Mystified police first suspected a professional in the bizarre gangland-style killings that shattered the quiet tranquility of two well-to-do southern communities. But soon a suspicion grew that turned their focus to family.   The Sharps. The Newsoms. The Lynches. The only link between the three families was a beautiful, aristocratic young mother named Susie Sharp Newsom Lynch. Could this former child “princess” and fraternity sweetheart have committed such barbarous crimes? And what about her gun-loving first cousin and lover, Fritz Klenner, son of a nationally renowned doctor?   In this tale of three families connected by marriage and murder, of obsessive love and bitter custody battles, Jerry Bledsoe recounts the shocking events that ultimately took nine lives, building to a truly horrifying climax that will leave you stunned.   “Recreates . . . one of the most shocking crimes of recent years.” —Publishers Weekly   “Absorbing suspense.” —Chicago Tribune   “Astonishing . . . Brilliantly chronicled.” —Detroit Free Press   “An engrossing southern gothic sure to delight fans of the true-crime genre. Bledsoe maintains the suspense with a sure hand.” —The Charlotte Observer


Author: Nicholas Best

Category: History, Politics & Culture

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Two hundred years ago Napoleon Bonaparte planned to lead his Grande Armée to Britain, the only country still defying him.

From Bonaparte’s headquarters to the admirals’ flagships, from William Pitt and his volunteers on the English coast to the lower decks of the British, French and Spanish battleships, in


we see the story unfold at every level as the fleets manoeuvre for advantage.Nicholas Best’s original research has drawn upon a wide range of eyewitness accounts to craft a minute-by-minute recreation of the most famous sea battle of all time.Praise for



‘Trafalgar was not only a great sea battle, it saved Britain from invasion by Napoleon. That is why this book, which rattles along excitingly, gave me fresh appetite for the subject. It sets Nelson’s victory in that context – the risks of 1940 were just as grave in 1805 …’ - Peter Lewis,

Daily Mail

‘This gripping book tells the story of Britain’s legendary naval victory on October 21, 1805 in which the national hero, Admiral Lord Nelson, was killed by a French sharpshooter … Nicholas Best has done an excellent job describing the build up to the Battle and the primitive conditions on the ships … This book is replete with fascinating details’ - Anthony Looch,

Glasgow Evening Times

‘You can almost smell the whiff of gunsmoke and feel the sweat on both sides as the battle begins. This is history with a page-turning quality’ -

Good Book Guide

Nicholas Best

grew up in Kenya and graduated from Trinity College, Dublin before joining the Grenadier Guards. He became a financial journalist after leaving the army and later a full-time author. He has written novels, travel and history books, and was the

Financial Times’

fiction critic for ten years. He lives in Cambridge.