A Tryst in Time

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Announcing the 30th Anniversary of the classic love story that “broke the mold” and launched a new era of Time Travel Romances that continues to this day! Don’t miss Eugenia Riley’s passionate and emotional A Tryst in Time, a truly “Timeless” love story that begins in the Vietnam war era and takes the reader back to the post-Civil-War era in the Old South!


In a spooky antebellum mansion along River Road, two anguished souls are drawn together across time. Both Sarah and Damien have lost a brother to war, only the wars are a century apart! Out of their grief and despair come love and healing . . . but is their love strong enough to overcome the barrier of time itself? A breathtaking Victorian Old South romance from a master of the genre.

Eugenia Riley is the renowned, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary, and time-travel romances, including the classics A Tryst in Time and Tempest in Time. She is the winner of the HOLT Medallion for her Waltz in Time. She has written for publishers including Avon, Bantam, Warner, Harlequin and Dorchester, and has numerous romances available in Kindle.


“Most paperbacks are not memorable. A Tryst in Time is both memorable and captivating!!" —Ms. V.N, PA

“A Tryst in Time quite simply took my breath away! The characters were so defined and full of life that I could feel their joys and sorrows. I must admit, I cried.” —Ms. L.R., LA

“The best romance and time travel I have read. I couldn’t put it down!” —Ms. C.B., NC

"A Tryst in Time broke the mold! I was captivated! I hesitate to pick up another romance in fear that it will pale badly in comparison.” —Ms. N.L., CO

“Thank you for such a wonderful story! If it hadn’t been midnight when I finished your book, I would have written you then, when my emotions were raw and my tears still fresh!” —Ms. BRS, PA

“There are only two things wrong with this book: I lost sleep, and the book ended. Magnificent!” —Ms. C.A, CA

“I was deeply touched by A Tryst in Time. Destined to become a classic!” —Ms. N.S., NM

Nominated by Romantic Times and Affaire de Coeur as Best Time-Travel!!

Four Stars! "A unique time-travel novel interlaced with mysterious secrets and intense emotions . . . Ms. Riley focuses on the magical potency of love, as it transcends the web of time to meld bleeding hearts together." –Romantic Times

Five Stars! "Some really unusual twists . . . sets a high standard. I look forward to more from Ms. Riley." –Heartland Critiques

"An exceptional time-travel with poignant scenes." –Rendezvous

"A Tryst in Time is an apt title for this exciting narrative loaded with compelling episodes that hold the reader’s attention. Readers who enjoy time-travel laced with intrigue will want to include this book in their priority-read list." –Gothic Journal Read more


Robots are in. Humans are out. Can one teenager steal her way to a better future?Pen Davis just lost her internship to a robot. As supercomputers take over all the jobs in the world, the lonely teen doesn’t see a future. Desperate to escape the coming robo-pocalpyse, she devises a plot to steal millions from her former boss. It’s payback for laying her off, and the only way Pen can see how to scrape together enough cash to survive.But her plan takes a crazy turn when she fumbles the hijacking of a self-driving truck and accidentally sets it free.Stuck with a semi who practically wants to be her little sister, Pen tries to make the best of it. She uses the semi to rescue quiet James, who is interested enough in her that he’s willing to join her crew, even though he’d prefer not to do anything actually illegal. When she convinces James and the truck to help her, the plan fails spectacularly and her mismatched team is torn apart.Will Pen claim the riches of her dreams, or will a unique friendship give her something money can’t buy?Semi/Human is an action-packed science fiction adventure. If you like quirky characters, hilarious road trips, and awesome high-tech heists, then you’ll love Erik Hanberg’s fast-paced caper.Buy Semi/Human to pull off the perfect crime today! Read more

Mischief in Dog Town

“Like a big HUG! This is one of the best series of cozy mysteries I’ve read!! Colorful and real characters, including the animals. It’s like a great big hug of fuzzy.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Dorset Hills is famous for being the most dog-friendly place in the world. In “Dog Town,” the furry rascals and rescues are at the center of every mystery, every love story, and every small-town scandal.

Each book stands alone, telling a complete pet-focused mystery, along with a clean and comic romance. One story builds on another as we follow this lovable, makeshift family of daring rescuers through a year-in-the-life of a dog-crazy town. Can this small army of strong women, good men and clever dogs bring down a corrupt mayor–and have fun doing it?

Dive into the complete 11-book series and immerse yourself in nearly 2,000 pages of heartwarming hilarity.Warning: Mystery, mayhem and mischief may abound in Dog Town but no one ever dies!

This collection contains:

Ready or Not in Dog Town
Bitter and Sweet in Dog Town
A Match Made in Dog Town
Lost and Found in Dog Town
Calm and Bright in Dog Town
Tried and True in Dog Town
Yours and Mine in Dog Town
Nine Lives in Dog Town
Great and Small in Dog Town
Bold and Blue in Dog Town
Better or Worse in Dog Town

Praise for Dog Town:“This series has been a real joy to read!!! Not only are dogs very important in each story, but there is intrigue that grabs you and doesn’t let go in each story, all of which gets completely resolved in the last book!!”

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about this series of Dog Town. I hope you will find time to read this series from beginning to end! It’s totally beautiful!!”

"Fun mystery for those who want a good head scratcher without a dead body.”

“Love, love, love it. Wish the series could go on forever!”

“So sorry to have finished this series of Dog Town. I recommend this whole series to all dog and animal lovers. I laughed and sighed through every page.”

“Sandy Rideout has a gift for creating intriguing, complex characters caught up in unexpected situations and circumstances. … From tears to gut-busting hilarity, Dog Town USA has it all. If you love dogs, as I do, you’ll love this captivating series.”“Each book is endearing, suspenseful and witty… Cleverly written with strong women characters charging through life, sometimes with a man, sometimes not. Well done.” Read more

Lipstick, Lies & Dead Guys

From USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Fischetto comes a hauntingly humorous new series…

Gianna Mancini has chatted with ghosts most of her life. It’s never affected her much. Until now.

The latest ghost in Gianna’s family-centric, boy-complicated, job-depleted world is Emma Tinsdale, a woman Gianna despises. Wanting Emma out of her apartment and her orbit, Gianna chooses to help her move on, but she doesn’t expect to come across poisonous jam, a vengeful cop, or a group of friendly clowns.

When a relative is framed for Emma’s death, Gianna must dig deeper and faster to find out what really happened that fatal night on the beach. With help from her sister, her cop brother, and her ex-boyfriend, Julian, she gets close to figuring out the truth. But when the killer closes in, Gianna better watch her step unless she wants to become the latest member of the dearly departed.

Note: This work was previously published under the title One Garish Ghost & Blueberry Peach Jam.

Gianna Mancini Mysteries:
Lipstick, Lies & Dead Guys (book #1)
Miniskirts, Mai Tais & Dead Guys (book #2)
Christmas, Spies & Dead Guys (holiday short story)
Cupcakes, Butterflies & Dead Guys (book #3)

What critics are saying about Jennifer’s books:

"It grabbed me by the hand and pulled me in, not letting go until the very last page. Highly recommended."
~ Melody’s Bookshelf on "Unbreakable Bond"

"Weaves mystery with laughs (and a few tears). This delightful tale is a definite read! I would read it again as well as the rest of the series."
~ Should You Read This Book? Review Blog, on "Secret Bond"

"The characters are always so well written. They feel like they could pop off the page. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!"
~ Wakela’s World on "Secret Bond"

"I approached this book with the idea that it would be the light reading many of us look forward to enjoying in the summer. It turned out to be more than that and I couldn’t put it down."
~ The Birch Bark on "Secret Bond"
Read more

The Puller

Alone at a remote cabin in the woods . . . attacked by a mysterious force that won’t let him leave . . . but how can he fight an enemy that he can’t even see?

Matt Kearns just needed to get away from it all—to grieve for his father and let the rugged wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula renew him, like it always had. But from the moment he arrives, nothing feels right. Strange happenings shake his confidence and have him questioning his sanity. Even the animals seem to know something is amiss. But each time he tries to leave, something—something truly malicious—violently pulls him back. What could it be? Why him? And what will he have to do to escape with his life?

Michael Hodge’s debut supernatural thriller delivers visceral, edge-of-your-seat suspense as one resourceful man desperately fights for his life against a force more savage and relentless than anything the locals here have ever seen. Read more