When Science Goes Wrong by Simon LeVay

Author: Simon LeVay

Category: General Nonfiction

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A must-read not only for scientists, but for anyone with an interest in scientific discovery and trivia.
Baboons on ecstasy, death by volcano and catastrophic nuclear explosions... this book explains what happens when science goes wrong.
Neuroscientist Simon LeVay investigates and describes some of the world's most astonishing scientific disasters, including:
How an innocent young man was convicted of rape and sent to prison for 25 years on the basis of 'infallible' DNA evidence that turned out to be completely bogus.
How the use of cutting-edge neuroscience techniques to treat Parkinson's Disease left an Olympic athlete with a foetus growing in his brain.
What happened when researchers studying childhood stuttering deliberately induced speech impediments – only to find they were permanent.
When Science Goes Wrong is both sobering and fascinating, a timely reminder that while science has undoubtedly shaped our world, and continues to do so, nonetheless it is vital to take account of practical and ethical considerations.
Praise for When Science Goes Wrong:
'Spine-tingling occasionally gruesome accounts of well-meant but disastrous scientific bungling' - Los Angeles Times
'Simon LeVay displays a decided verve for both storytelling and hardcore explication' - The Guardian
'Entertaining and thought-provoking' - Publisher's Weekly
'This book will intrigue you to the very last sentence' - Daily Mail
'The dark - but fascinating - side of science ... an absorbing read' - Geotimes
Simon LeVay is a British–American neuroscientist, researcher, lecturer and author who has written books on subjects ranging from earthquakes to extra-terrestrial life, along with a novel and several neuroscience textbooks. He lives in California.