Author: J.B. Thwaite

Category: Sci-Fi & Future Worlds

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Please ignore the age recommendation: this book is wholly UNSUITABLE for children.

It's a wildly mushrooming tale about Vincent and the multitude of bizarre adventures he embarks on as he tries to determine whether he's insane or whether something else can explain why he keeps hearing voices in his head.

Stuck on the Arctic island of Whitskersey in the middle of the polar night, is it just a case of fever-induced paranoia or is the young editor assigned to Vincent acting kind of shifty…?

Even the cat seems suspicious of the man, but can Mr Swifty save Vincent just by peeing on his biscuits? Can anyone save him from his chilly fate?

Follow along to the cat-shaped continent of Furuyan and discover this atmospheric smelly onion of a character-driven Gaslamp Fantasy saga about a man with a turd-shaped flying machine and the sweetest, most romantic and exciting quest to get some sleep.