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12 Disturbing True Crime Stories of Murder and MayhemVolume 13 of the True Crime Case Histories Series*** This series can be read in any order ***Not everyone has the stomach for the dark details of True Crime. But some of us feel an irresistible pull to these stories - whether it’s a burning drive to see justice served, a need to comprehend the depraved criminal mind, or simple curiosity about how detectives cracked the case.True Crime Case Histories Volume 13 brings to light twelve new stories spanning the past fifty years, exposing the dark realities of human behavior.A sampling of the stories includes:The Beauty Queen - When a vivacious young nurse is found viciously murdered and discarded in a cow pasture, veteran detectives pursue every lead to identify her sadistic killers before they strike again.Folly Beach - When teenage girls walking the windswept sands of a sleepy beach town begin to disappear without a trace, the quest to uncover a relentless predator reveals a fetish-fueled monster terrorizing the shores.The River Brent Killer - When a fourteen-year-old girl vanishes along a quiet canal in suburban London, a desperate search uncovers a convicted killer hiding in plain sight.The Creepy Uncle - When a schoolgirl vanishes after being seen arguing with her obsessive uncle, a hidden duffel bag and suspicious text messages help detectives unravel the chilling truth behind her disappearance.The Leaf Killer - After a single mother, her friend, and her two young children disappear from her home, police uncover an eccentric suspect with a strange obsession with leaves.The Hitchhiker Slayer - When three female college students vanish after hitchhiking in a California beach town, a search for answers leads police to a disturbed young man with a twisted fetish.Plus, several more disturbing true crime stories. I’ve also included a special, downloadable thirteenth chapter at the end.These stories expose human depravity at its absolute worst—pure evil. We may never really understand what goes on inside the mind of a killer, but at least by studying the case histories and knowing their backstory, we might gain insight into what makes them tick. With any luck, we can learn from the past.Readers love the True Crime Case Histories series:"Kept me up way too late. I couldn't put down this gripping true crime thriller. Can't wait for the next one.""Amazing true crime profiles. Brilliant. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!""The intricacies of each tale are masterfully woven into a narrative that kept me hooked.""From the very first word, I was drawn into the chilling world of these true crime stories. These unputdownable stories held me until the wonderful and satisfying conclusion, compelling me to finish it all in one night.""Every story is brilliantly written and addicting. Jason Neal is, without a doubt, my favorite true crime author!""Wow, just wow! Each story in this true crime collection is suspenseful and engrossing, leaving me yearning for the next one."Scroll up to get your copy.Included in this volume: Sean Gillis, Bryan Patrick Miller, Thor Nis Christiansen, Matthew Hoffman, Travis Forbes, Kenia Monge, Danielle Jones, Stuart Campbell, Jennifer San Marco, Anita Cobby, Richard Valentini, Daniel Morcombe, Brett Cowan, Alice Gross, Arnis Zalkalns, Scott Falater, Yarmila Falater.