Author: P.D. Ball

Category: Fantasy

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As if waking up in the body of a young teenage girl wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t remember my own name. It turns out I’m the princess, second heir to the throne. I have to get back to my own life, but don’t know who to trust or how to do that. Ask the wizard for help? Clearly, magic was involved in my transformation, but if I tell him, I’d be confessing to stealing his princess’s body. And if I tell the prince, well, where’s his dear sister?Worse, I woke up tied to a tree in the enemy army. The army that just killed the king and wants to take over the kingdom. This new life is not going well.Was I stuck inside a game on some sort of quest? Maybe, I always play cute girl characters because, well, I want to watch them beat up monsters. But if this was real, then I was in serious trouble. Real or simulation, there was only one thing to do: survive.---In a gritty, realistic medieval world that doesn't pull punches, Princess Cayce struggles to adjust. A land of terrifying magic, ever-present warfare, deeply rooted patriarchy and, well, a lot of limitations on how a princess can behave.