Author: Amanda Larkman

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Meet Angie and Frieda, two unforgettable characters who will live in your memory long after you turn the last page.

Nothing ever changes in the village of Witchford until the day a hundred year old, bad-tempered witch falls and breaks her hip, and a fifty year old cleaner decides her life is over.

Both are haunted by ghosts, but can Frieda help Angie find out what her long dead father is trying to tell her? And can Angie help Frieda fight off the wolf who circles ever closer?

A story of empowerment and friendship, 'The Woman and the Witch' explores the freedom ageing can bring and the power of the natural world.

Five reasons to read 'The Woman and the Witch' trilogy

? This is a must read book. It tells of witchcraft but not of battles with wands but of drawing energy from the earth and living things. The main character is a feisty woman of over a hundred years of age, sharp tongued, impatient and still living the memories of her youth. A wonderful departure from the typical portrayal of older women.

? This is a stunning well crafted tale of generations, of magic, and one which doesn't shy away from the darker themes of our modern world, and the inherent evils lurking in the dark corners; I was hooked from the beginning.

? I found a lead female character here that I could really relate to and was rooting for the whole way through. A deeper message for me was that it is never too late to turn your life around and believe in yourself.

? Lovely little fantasy story, standalone, so you are not tied into a sequence. Well written, just flies along. Definitely recommended.

? An astonishing feat of imagination. This book manages to convince you of the reality of magic and the possibility a witch living in a secretive old house in the country, with compelling descriptions of spells, potions and superpowers. This is no ordinary witch, Frieda has a fascinating history which leaves you wanting more. Add to that a fully believable downtrodden overweight cleaner, a friendly spirit guide, a frighteningly evil opponent and a full cast of extras including an unfaithful husband, exotic lovers and incompetent bully-boys and the resulting story enchants and entertains.