Author: Lisa Lowell

Category: Fantasy

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Books 1-3 in 'The Wise Ones', a series of epic fantasy novels by Lisa Lowell, now available in one volume!
Talismans: Owailion, the Awakened One, is about to embark on a breathtaking journey. Guided by the formidable dragon, Mohan, he becomes an apprentice with unimaginable abilities. As dragons prepare for a thousand-year slumber, Owailion is thrust into a perilous mission: to safeguard the Land from invaders. But when ancient runestones vanish and a cunning thief emerges, Owailion's powers are put to the ultimate test. With the world's fate hanging in the balance, he must unlock the secrets of his past.
Ley Lines: In a moment of desperation and defiance, Gailin's life is forever altered. With the hangman's noose tightening around her neck, a hidden ally bestows upon her a powerful stone of magic. As she plummets towards her supposed demise, she defies fate and gains a second chance at life. Now marked as a player in a treacherous game, Gailin and a group of unsuspecting pawns are drawn into a world of enchantment and manipulation, where the mysterious Ley Lines hold the key to unimaginable power.
Life Giver: Yeolani, a wielder of immense magical power, is struggling against his destiny. Determined not to be controlled by his abilities, he embarks on reckless quests that leave destruction in his wake. From broken bridges to shattered towers, his chaotic magic disrupts the world around him. Seeking balance, Yeolani craves love and a sense of purpose. In an unexpected twist, the fairies, whom he has inadvertently harmed, seek their revenge by granting him a gift beyond his control - a Life Giver. With this extraordinary companion, Yeolani's life takes an unexpected turn, forcing him to confront the true nature of his powers and the responsibilities that come with it.