Author: Vanessa Garden

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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What if you could bring them back?Seventeen-year-old Amber Reid dreams of one day leaving behind the dusty farm she calls home and escaping to somewhere new, a place where people won't shake their heads and silently blame her for the death of her twin brother.Amber's wish is granted when energy drink billionaire Bruce Harvey extends an invitation...She and seven other students from Red Gum High are selected to board the recently widowed billionaire's private jet and fly to his island headquarters to sample a new range of beverages.However, mid-flight, the students learn that they are not, in fact, destined for Bruce's island, but instead have been carefully selected to participate in a special mission, at a faraway location not found on any maps...The Veiled WorldAfter crashing through a portal and landing in the Veiled World, gateway to the Land of Resting Souls, the students are invited to enter the dangerous land to seek out and retrieve the souls of their deceased loved ones with hopes of bringing them back to life.Desperate to see her brother again, Amber accepts the challenge.But there’s a catch. No one who has entered the Land of Resting Souls has ever been seen again...