Author: David S. Brody

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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A forgotten Holocaust-era safe deposit box engraved with a Templar cross ensnares historian Cameron Thorne in an age-old mystery: What happened to the magic, rock-cutting worm used by King Solomon to build his Temple? When the Mossad gets involved, the question becomes a life or death one, sending Thorne careening across New England--from Masonic lodges to ancient stone structures--trying to find the enigmatic worm. But is he himself being used as bait?Based on actual historical artifacts, and illustrated.Publishers Weekly says of the author, "BRODY DOES A TERRIFIC JOB OF WRAPPING HIS RESEARCH IN A FAST-PACED THRILL RIDE."This is a stand-alone novel with recurring characters. The books in this series can be read in any order.