Author: Andrew Baltasar

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The planet Terram is submerged in an endless informational storm that leaves encoded patterns all over the earth. Light, sound and information reflect in a special way, driving the planet’s creatures through predefined thoughts and emotions, affecting their choice and evolution.Only one kind of creature is immune to the storms – the thaumaturge. Distant relatives of wizards, thaumaturges feel, think and weave information that adds a unique pattern to the environment, corroding the existing Informational Order bit by bit.Aneralt is a young thaumaturge student at the school of Kakhard-Toon. Hated by his fellow students, he finds himself in the midst of a conflict between the all-powerful Omnigods, with his only ally his wild element – an animated fire that lives at the bottom of his wizard earring.If he is to survive, Aneralt must face the ultimate truth about his nature, and uncover why the Omnigods have been following him all this time.

The Puppet of the Omnigods is a blend of Epic Fantasy and Science Fiction. It is the result of eight years of world-building and contains elements of quantum physics and information technologies.