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In the occurrence of widespread societal breakdown caused by pandemics, grid failure, or other long-term crises, the preparations you make for a hurricane, earthquake, or other brief disasters will NOT keep you alive.

Government pamphlets explain how to survive until services are recovered in the event of an emergency, but this 3 in 1 collection will teach you how to cope when nothing gets back to normal for months or even years and will cover topics such as:
Plan everything easily for a 100% success ratio (no prior experience required!)
Choose (or build) the perfect shelter for a living (without losing any of the modern city comforts)
Live without electricity (and how you can produce your own electricity!)
Waste managementtips
Fortifying & defending your home with the best techniques and tactics
Strategies for forming new communities to create a new society
Create your own food and your own water supply and preserve it for years (and what to do with the waist!)
What to do when there isn't a doctor available: Deal with Home Medical (and build your own First Aid Kits!)
Everything you need to know about how to stock Healthy Bulk Food the right way to keep its nutrients over time (including new ideas to optimize your storage space)
Everything you need to know about how to stockWaterthe right way (such as, “How to keep your Water bacteria-free once you open the container”)
46 Healthy, Easy, and Delicious Recipes to prepare with the food you have stored (children-friendly)
A Four-Week Meal Plan for the whole family made up of the recipes in this book (specifically designed to keep your diet balanced even when you are in the middle of the chaos)
A Ready-Made Shopping List that tells you what food to buy and in what quantities to survive for a whole year without going to the store (for a family of three)
And so much more!