Author: Peter Shankland

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It was one of the strangest, most exciting passages in the history of the Royal Navy – the true adventure which inspired C. S. Forester’s

The African Queen.

In 1915, Germany dominated Central Africa with its naval control of Lake Tanganyika, which formed the boundary between German East Africa (now Tanzania) and the Belgian Congo. With the only completed railway lying in German territory, no Allied vessel could be brought against their gunboats. Consequently, no British or Belgian forces could advance into German territory because the Germans could always land troops behind them to cut their lines of communication. Breaking that hold was both a military necessity and a suicidal task. For Lieutenant-Commander Spicer-Simson, the dilemma facing the Allied High Command was simply the chance for an adventure – and so the sailor turned explorer. Thus began one of the most astounding feats in naval history, as Spicer-Simson led an expedition of only two motor-boats through hundreds of miles of bush and mountains to reach the lake, all in a bid to defeat the German navy and claim Central Africa for the British Empire.

The Phantom Flotilla

is the riveting account of a remarkable true story.

Praise for The Phantom Flotilla:

‘A wonderful adventure yarn made all the more absorbing because it really did happen’ -

The Evening News