Author: Angharad Thompson Rees

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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A magical fairground, a curious boy, and a carousel pony with a huge heart. An imaginative page-turning delight for ages 6-8 - now enjoyed by thousands of young readers.

When Stargazer, a beautiful carousel pony, meets a curious young boy, he never suspects the great adventure about to unfold.

Nobody knows Stargazer dreams of freedom - he’s tired of going around in never ending circles, entertaining hordes of excited children at the magical fairground.

But Sebastian is different and shares tales of the Wildlings, making Stargazer begin to wonder… Could there really be a life outside the fairground where wild horses roam free?

Stargazer will have to muster all his courage to not only believe in his dreams but also to believe in himself if he is ever to taste the freedom he so desperately craves.

Can one small boy with big ideas help the painted pony discover freedom or will Stargazer be tethered to the fairground forever?

“A must read for any child who has ever dreamed of owning their own pony.”

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The Painted Pony is part of the Magical Adventure and Pony Tale series, a collection of 6 standalone books that can be read in any order. Read them all!

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