Author: S.G. Blaise

Category: Fantasy

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Grand Prize Winner for the CIBA 2022 CYGNUS Award for Science FictionA rebellious princess chasing destiny. Menacing villains. The Last Lumenian is a captivating sci-fi fantasy with a touch of charming alien romance. A coming-of-age tale of the chosen one, Lilla, as she battles outdated traditions and shapes her own destiny. Breaking away from the damsel in distress trope, Lilla emerges as the heroine her world needs. Tasteful romance complements a world meticulously crafted by debut author S.G. Blaise.


2020 New York Book Festival

Winner: Romance Honorable Mention: Science Fiction

2020 San Francisco Book Festival

Winner: Science Fiction

2020 Annual Best Book Awards

Winner: Best Cover for Fiction

2020 New England Book Festival

Winner: Science Fiction

2021 Independent Press Award

Distinguished Favorite: Fantasy