Author: Frank Kennedy

Category: Science Fiction

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Born in another universe. Running for his life in ours.

The countdown to Jamie Sheridan’s death begins at 1:56 a.m. He lost his parents, he cannot trust his brother, the town is gunning for him, and a genetic bomb is ticking inside. He runs, but where? What difference will it make when his dark origin catches up at 9:56 a.m.?

Tired of years dominated by loss, grief, and rage, 17-year-old Jamie must stage a bold defense to defy his destiny: When the clock runs out, he will become a god, a monster, or both. His only friends commit to saving him, but at the cost of their lives? Their only hope - if they survive this epic manhunt - may lie across the divide between universes, where a galactic empire stands on the brink, and new humans like Jamie may shape its future.

Experience a relentless, action-packed adventure where nothing less than the fate of two universes may hinge on three small-town friends. Dark enemies will test their bonds of friendship, faith, and love in this opening chapter of a four-book saga spanning forty worlds. Join the chase and discover a story that is, according to one reviewer, “Not for the faint of heart.”

Book 2: The Risen Gods

Book 3: The Reversing Tide

Book 4: The Promised Few