Author: C.J. Anaya

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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From USA Today bestselling author, C.J. Anaya, comes an epic saga of love, betrayal, and the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Her touch could save multitudes. But even with superhuman powers, will one high-school senior survive a battle with almighty deities?

Seventeen-year-old Hope wishes she could heal every wound. But after a heartbreaking ordeal during a hospital visit, her walk home turns into a fight for survival when she’s attacked by a two-tailed demon cat. And though she tries to shake off the incident, the sudden arrival of a pair of overly curious new classmates sets off the miracle-worker’s alarm bells.Working hard to keep a low profile, she’s horrified when one of the handsome duo tricks her into mending his wounds after a schoolyard brawl. But when the two boys reveal their divine origins and her fated destiny, Hope plunges into a race to unlock her mystic potential before hellish forces turn them all to ashes.

As the veil between life and death unravels, can she claim her future and shield humanity?

The Healer is the action-packed first book in The Healer YA fantasy series. If you like empowered heroines, Asian gods, and romance that lasts through the ages, then you’ll love C. J. Anaya’s stunning coming-of-age tale.Buy The Healer today to take a wild supernatural ride through history!

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