The Fortune Hunter by Suzy Spencer

Author: Suzy Spencer

Category: General Nonfiction

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The New York Times–bestselling true crime author reveals the full story of murder and deception behind the Lifetime movie Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer.

Texas millionaire Steven Beard, Jr. fell hard for Celeste Martinez, a waitress less than half his age. She served the seventy-year-old widow his nightly cocktail—along with sexual favors—at a country club in Austin. After they married, Steven gave her cars, homes, jewelry, and designer clothes. But Celeste wanted more.

Claiming she had depression, Celeste checked into a psychiatric facility, where she met and seduced fellow patient Tracey Tarlton. Celeste soon convinced Tracey that the only way they could be together would be to kill Steve.

One early morning in October, Steve awoke to a shotgun blast to his gut. Tracey was arrested but refused to implicate Celeste . . . until she learned the truth about her lover. In a sordid trial that featured the antics of famed Texas defense attorney Dick DeGuerin, the depths of Celeste’s lies were revealed in a tale of lust, betrayal, and regret.

This new edition of The Fortune Hunter has been updated throughout.

“A brilliantly crafted and endlessly compelling true crime thriller, Spencer is among the best of the best.” —Edgar Award–winning author Burl Barer Read more