The Finding by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Author: Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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A human girl, the only one of her kind, a mighty dragon, sworn to keep her safe, and a destiny that will make them both the greatest legends of their time.
Jahrra doesn't know that she is human. Found as a baby by the dragon Jaax and brought to live with elves in the province of Oescienne, she knows only that humans have been absent from Ethöes for centuries, cursed by an evil tyrant and forced to live out the remainder of their lives in dragon form.
To make matters worse, her dragon mentor is keeping secrets from her. She is the hidden child of a prophecy foretold centuries before, one that promises to end the reign of the dreaded Crimson King once and for all.
But before she can fulfill her destiny, Jahrra must first rid herself of the pesky bullies tormenting her at school, a task she feels is more suited for a fearsome dragon than a young girl.
"Jenna Elizabeth Johnson’s Legend of Oescienne series delights and entertains with each captivating book in this exciting collection."
- Literary Classics Review of The Legend of Oescienne Series
***Literary Classics Winner for Best Young Adult Series***