The Financing of Terror by James Adams

Author: James Adams

Category: General Nonfiction

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Terrorism costs money.
Without it, today’s organised, hi-tech terrorism simply couldn’t exist. Sophisticated weapons, training, safe houses and living expenses, international travel, false identities and documents…
Modern day terrorism is expensive. The days when a few idealists would reach into their own pockets or the local supporters have a whip-round are long gone. Fund raising has become large scale and professional. The more successful a terror group, the more income is generated. The more active a group, the more money is needed.
In the mass of literature about terrorism, one essential aspect has so far been ignored — money, despite the fact that there is an annual worldwide terrorist budget in excess of $1 billion. So where does the money come from? And how is it raised and passed on?
The Financing of Terror is a comprehensive and unsettling study on the history of global terrorism.
Praise for James Adams:
’A fascinating piece of research’ – The Sunday Times
‘… one of the best works to appear on terrorism in a field often dominated by the hysterical and the ludicrous’ – The Spectator
‘A wealth of fascinating detail … this alone makes it indispensable … A harsh, sometimes devastating critique of anti-terrorist measures of Western governments and intelligence agencies’ – Paul Wilkinson, Professor of International Relations, University of Aberdeen, author of Terrorism and the Liberal State