Author: Humphrey Quinn

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Orphaned at birth and traveling with their uncle to hide their ability to read each other’s minds, a brother and sister are shocked to discover a book, that first—claims magic is real, and second—that they belong in that world, and third—they are chosen by blood to fulfil a prophecy: to either save or destroy all magic.

The Fated Chronicles is a Contemporary Portal Fantasy Adventure Series.

From strange childhood to stranger adolescence, twins Meghan and Colin Jacoby are coming of age in a land of magic alongside everything they thought was make believe…

The Complete Fated Chronicles Portal Contemporary Fantasy Adventure Series:Over 700,000 Words / 2400 Pages)

The Heirs of Magic (included)Prophecy of Fire (included)Trials of Initiation (included)Child of ChaosDestroyer of WorldsBrothers of FlameCurses of GlassThrone of GhostsGame of FateWings of FuryBonds of Blood