Author: Michelle Madow

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*NOW A COMPLETED SERIES*Deadly games. Fated mates. Masterful twists.

On the island of Avalon, everyone has magical abilities.Except Selena Pearce.As if being the only non-magical person on the island isn’t bad enough, her parents happen to be the King and Queen of Avalon—and the most magical people alive.She’s never felt like she fit in on Avalon, but that all changes when she leaves the island and meets Julian—a mesmerizing, mysterious human. Everything feels perfect between them at first… until he drags her through a portal to the enchanted realm of the fae, where Selena learns that there’s more to the mystery of why she doesn’t have magic than she ever imagined.Long-buried secrets soon emerge, and she discovers that to escape the fae realm, she must compete in the annual Faerie Games—a televised reality show competition where half-bloods fight to the death. Because it turns out she’s a half-blood fae. As is Julian. And he’ll be playing in the games as well.To survive, she’ll have to make alliances, unravel the mysteries of her past, and figure out whether she can trust Julian. He wants to help her, and there’s no denying the connection between them. But Julian’s already betrayed her once. Why wouldn’t he do it again?

With over 13,000 ratings on Amazon and Goodreads, and millions of pages read, this fast-paced young adult urban fantasy series by

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bestselling author Michelle Madow is filled with magic, paranormal romance, mysteries, fated mates, mythology, and twists you'll never see coming.

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