Author: Brandon Zenner

Category: Sci-Fi & Future Worlds

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A machine capable of recording our dreams has been created:

After years of taking experimental medicines and participating in repetitive sleep-related studies, all is finally going well for the test subject, Benjamin Walker . . . until strange dreams begin to plague him and memories once hidden begin to reveal themselves. The doctors and staff onboard the project are not who Ben thinks they are, and the organization will stop at nothing to keep his emerging memories buried for good. At the heart of it all, Ben's worst enemy is his own mind, and he must confront his past in order to save his future.

"The twists and turns of the plot will leave your head reeling." (The San Francisco Book Review).

What Amazon reviewers are saying:

"I found myself dropping my kindle in shock at a few points ... It's wonderful."

"... I cannot help but call your attention to this remarkable work. It is captivating, forcing you to think rationally, while you suspend your disbelief."

"Wow! Riveting and twisty! Not at all what I was expecting. Mesmerizing. An awesome read. That'll teach me to try to figure out the plot."

"If you like science fiction and understanding dreams, you will love this book. I've always wanted to remember my dreams in detail and always thought how cool would it be to capture them and re-live them, knowing you were in a dream and knowing you could do anything you wanted. This book combines science with magic and adventure. Good guys and bad guys. Moral dilemmas. My only disappointment is it had to end..."

"The story has plenty of twists and turns that always keep you guessing. The ending was very good, everything was resolved, but then the epilogue threw me for a loop and I'm still trying to figure out what happened (which is awesome)."

"This was such a unique idea, I couldn't put it down. I had to see where it would go next, and throughout the whole story it kept my interest. Clever author. Good job!"

"I loved that I couldn't guess all the twists and turns that kept this story filled with intrigue. The descriptions of lucid dreams was fascinating."

"I am rating Brandon Zenner's first book with 5 stars ("I LOVE IT") because I totally enjoyed reading it and couldn't put it down. It's a thriller/sci-fi with a lot of critical thought throughout. The characters were vividly described and interesting and the plot easy to follow and sprinkled with wicked surprises! Highly recommend this book for anyone who likes suspense."

"I enjoy a good medical mystery that takes current knowledge and makes a leap in a "what if" scenario. Mr. Zenner's book stands tall in this tradition of well written books, along side authors such as Robin Cook and others. He never lost my attention, brilliantly narrated, this story is believable in its detail, and delightful in its characters. Kudos! ... And more please!"

"Ben is a depressed and lonely man whose vivid dreams bring him an opportunity that will change his life ... for the better or for the worse? This techno-thriller explores what can be done to the human pysche, in the name of 'science' and for corporate greed. Thought provoking and hard to put down."