Author: Kristin Oakley

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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An ambitious teenager determined to prove his worth. A world bent on self-destruction. Can he win the Vessel Trials and save humanity?

Seventeen-year-old Paul Salvage is determined to prove himself by competing in the Vessel Trials. If he wins, he'll become the vessel containing all of humanity's evil and save the world. But when a city guard murders Paul's brother, Paul gives up his dream of competing to comfort his grieving father.Persuaded not to drop out of the Trials by a powerful family friend, Paul competes against his forty-nine other candidates, including his girlfriend and his rival. The teens battle to the top of an abandoned skyscraper filled with mental, physical, and psychological tests and traps. But as he grapples with one horrible choice after another, Paul fears he isn’t noble enough to be the hero who will rescue everyone on Earth.Can Paul escape the dangers and his doubts to climb to victory?The Devil Particle is the explosive first book in The Devil Particle dystopian series. If you like flawed characters, deadly competitions, and world-shattering stakes, then you’ll love Kristin A. Oakley’s thrilling page-turner.