Author: Holly Hook

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The Cursed Academy Complete Series Boxset is six books of young adult magic, mythical creatures, snarky romance, and academy adventure! Binge on one complete series. Twists and turns await. Dive into a tale of magic, myth, and chaos today!

One academy prepares the lucky descendants of Greek gods for a life of power and privilege.Another must teach the descendants of mythical monsters how to serve their betters.

When the Greek gods mysteriously woke twenty years ago, everyone with divine blood gained magic. Everyone dreams of that rare, sacred invite to the Olympian Academy.A small-town, awkward klutz like me has no chance of an invite. I can only hope to escape working in my grandmother's dusty convenience store after graduation.But when I accidentally summon a void that almost eats my so-called friend, my tracker finds me.Ronin.Insanely gorgeous, descended from Zeus, and out of my league, he sweeps me out of my boring life.Of course, there's a catch. Only


magical people go to Olympian.Others get sent to Cursed Academy, where the descendants of dark gods and monsters train to serve.Guess what? I’m unlucky. Cursed Academy, here we come.But maybe that’s not the end of it. I have a type of magic no one’s seen before, and even though Ronin goes to Olympian next door, he keeps finding me. And now he’s my tutor. That’s good, even if he's annoying. Someone is trying to kidnap me thanks to my unique magic, and maybe they’re already on campus. With nowhere else to turn, I need Ronin’s help.Can I deal with the terrifying truth about myself and my powers?

Cursed Academy is a teen supernatural academy romance series based on the dark side of Greek mythology. It is a complete series and takes place fourteen years before the events of Monster Academy: Semester One.