The City on the Sea by Heather Carson

Author: Heather Carson

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Brooke knows the rules. Everyone in the city outside the wall does. If you never cause any trouble, you never disappear.Even after her father's mysterious death, she's always known she'll do whatever it takes to live a good life and earn her place on the land one day.But when the watchmen suddenly start following her every move, it doesn't matter if she's done anything wrong. Now she needs to find out why they are watching before she vanishes without a trace.The City on the Sea, book one in the City on the Sea Series, is the thrilling first installment to this futuristic dystopian story. Climate change and rising sea levels have forced humanity to live on the ocean in order to protect the precious bit of land remaining. In the midst of this cli-fi adventure, a strong female lead character discovers that her world isn’t what it seems and learns to fight for the truth no matter the cost.