Author: Ava Richardson

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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From high school student to Queen of the Fae…When a dragon bulldozes through a portal and into the grounds of her Texas school, Ophelia Monroe can barely believe her eyes. Dragons and magic are just fairy tales, right?Then the dragon bonds with her to spite a Fae prince, and suddenly Ophelia is dragged into a different realm: a world of Fae intrigue and deception where, as Prince Corrin informs her, her dragon bond has made her Queen of the Fae.His Queen.Ophelia’s always wanted to make a difference, but nothing could have prepared her for magical powers she can’t control, a dragon's voice in her head, and subjects protesting her right to be queen. Or the infuriatingly handsome Fae prince who won't leave her side.Now Ophelia must validate her claim to the throne by traveling throughout the magical realm, accompanied by Prince Corrin. But the journey reveals danger and a dark secret lurking in Charassi...The only way to save the realm is to find the source of the trouble; but the truth may be just as terrible as the evil magic that threatens the Fae’s existence.Get ready to dive into an unforgettable new fantasy world filled with magic, lovable (and hateable!) characters, fae curses, wise dragons and a wholesome romance.