That Which Remains by C.F. Yetmen

Author: C.F. Yetmen

Category: Popular Fiction

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This enthralling climax to the series has all the trappings of a great summer read: complex WWII history, requited love, and the chance to live through the eyes of a passionate woman as she grows into the person the reader can applaud. - Claudia Fontaine Chidester, author of Trusted Eye: Post-World War II Adventures of a Fearless Art Advocate

In February 1946, Anna Klein and her boss Henry Cooper face major changes at the Monuments Men Collecting Point. With Cooper's dreaded re-deployment looming and their feelings for each other intensifying, Anna has to decide between him, her family, and her marriage. A future with Cooper means giving up everything she knows and running away from her own past, which isn't at all what it seemed. Meanwhile, a destitute artist asks for her help in finding paintings he sold before the war. But his story doesn't pan out, leaving a despairing Anna running against the clock with more questions than she may have time to answer. Read more