Author: Max Candee

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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This encyclopedia entry is written and illustrated by Joey J. Papagopolis, the twelve-year-old hero of Max Candee’s Globaloonies series.

Witty and at times lough-out-loud funny, this book tells all there’s to know about T. rex - the most hilarious dinosaur of all times. I bet you didn’t even know that T. rex had so much comic potential.

You’ll learn a bunch of important facts like:
- Where does its name come from?
- Why were its hands so tiny, and why was its head so big?
- What did it eat, and how much did it poop?
- Did it have any body odor problems, and why?
- And many more...

This book is intended for 6-10 year-old children who love to learn and laugh. Think of a school report gone wild. That’s the kind of book this is.

This is a companion book to the Globaloonies time travel adventure series.

Genre: children’s encyclopedia, ages 6-11.