Author: Keira Blackwood

Category: Fantasy

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Save the world, or burn it down trying. Newly-divorced Remi has been swallowing her rage and playing nice and for far too long. But every woman has her breaking point. And when she snaps, she ignites.Because magic attracts magic, that fire spreads into an inferno of magical awakenings. Now instead of one middle-aged witch with no idea how to handle her magic, the little town of Marshmallow has three.Sure, they may be a hot mess of renegade sorcery, but they’re not just powerful. They’re empowered. They’re done playing by other people’s rules and they’re writing their own.1. Remi: Divorce bites. It’s worse when your ex is a vampire.When quiet rage burns so bright you spontaneously combust, things can still get worse.Turns out, fighting fire with fire is satisfyingly cathartic.Burn it all down. Forge your own path from the ashes.2. Jen: Dreams really do come true. But so do nightmares.Being a single mom means you have to be prepared for everything. You have to be able to do everything. But nothing can prepare you for magic that activates while you’re asleep.A positive bedtime routine is clutch.3. Brianna: He went from "I do" to "Who are you?"When your AWOL husband finally returns but pretends his memory is still missing, life can't get much worse.Unless you also turn into a chicken. A literal one. With feathers and the whole clucking shebang.Peck the patriarchy.Midlife meltdowns lead to newfound friendship, hilarious hijinks, and mounting mayhem. Each magical crisis is a new beginning, a chance to find love and the happily-ever-afters these forty-year-old heroines never thought possible. This bundle contains the first three novels in the Midlife Magic in Marshmallow series: Sweatpants and Spells,Scrapbooking the Supernatural, and Wrinkles and Runes. Read more