Author: Milani Sloane

Category: Sci-Fi & Future Worlds

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"Don't let the undead pandemic force you to sacrifice your home's curb appeal."

1950s housewife, mother, and entrepreneur Suzie Baker has built a successful life and career in spite of a zombie pandemic.While fixing a meal one evening, Suzie's husband Don calls with some unfortunate news: he won't make it home for dinner. A horde of zombies infiltrated his office building and made reaching their armory impossible, so he and his colleagues just have to wait them out in the safe room.But as a professional homemaker and butt-kicking zombie murderess, Suzie takes it upon herself to brave the undead masses outside her reinforced house and bring Don home before the timer on the oven dings. After all, meatloaf is his favorite.

Ms. Sloane delivers a playful and dark-humored short read interspersed with silly advertisements, posters, and excerpts from Suzie's guidebook.