Author: Rebekah McClure

Category: General Nonfiction

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A book focused on Practice, Pretend, and Play!Through practice, pretend, and play, you can hand your children the tools that they will need to thrive in life.This short book will walk you through more than 50 exceptional manners, character values, and life skills to teach your children, all while having fun!Complete with Scripture references, you’ll learn how to teach your child (and yourself!) to have healthy responses to troublesome behavior.Each chapter is broken down into small nuggets that are easy for busy moms to digest.The most beautiful outcome of this book may be that your character and manners towards your children will improve!Instead of yelling, “Stop interrupting me,” and “Stop picking on your brother!,” you can learn to flip your instructions to teach your children what you DO want them to do.Every parent wants their child to grow up to be an amazing individual, and every kid likes to have fun! This book is for you if you want practical ways to teach your child how to…

Be HumbleDeal with FrustrationHandle Sibling ConflictAsk for HelpHave Self-ControlHave Quiet TimeBe FriendlyCare for the Sick/HurtHave a Willingness to Help OthersHave PatienceBe GentleShare with OthersPrayBe HonestWin/Lose with PolitenessReceive a GiftBe ThankfulHave Amazing Mealtime MannersManage Money WiselyFollow InstructionsDo ChoresExit a Meltdown

There is an entire chapter dedicated to working with a resistant child. How to navigate dealing with stubbornness, pride, rudeness, disrespect, and outright defiance.Explore Bible verses that directly teach you how to parent your kids, even if you just didn’t realize they were verses on parenting!Also Included in this book:---11 Practical Ways to Exit a Meltdown!---Stellar Mealtime Manners That Every Kid Should Know!---How to Deal with Anger in the Home.---How to Have Peaceful Read Aloud Times that will Change Your Child’s Life.---The Effectiveness of Praise and Handing Out Encouragement.At the End of the Book, Four Valuable Appendices Included!

--A list of amazing read aloud books that would greatly benefit your family.--How to help your child memorize hundreds of Bible verses.--Verses for parents to overcome anger.--A huge list of fun activities to do with your kids (mostly free!) Also included is a list of ideas for kids to serve and give that will leave a lasting imprint on their hearts.