Author: Brad Pedersen

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Learn the hard-won business wisdom by award-winning entrepreneur and business coach Brad Pedersen, discovering how he built, crashed, and then rebuilt a thriving toy empire before launching environmental enterprises committed to a triple bottom line.

Startup Santa takes you on a captivating adventure through Brad Pedersen's extraordinary life, helping you rediscover your inner child, reignite your imagination, and watch your business soar to new heights. Unlike any other business book, this narrative explores ten essential lessons derived from iconic toys. From the timeless appeal of G.I. Joe to the simple yet brilliant Hula-Hoop, this book reveals the fascinating stories behind these beloved toys and how these learnings can be applied to business and to life.In his first book, Startup Santa, Brad Pedersen provides tools to help founders navigate strategy as they pursue their own entrepreneurial hero's journey including:

The 3 flanking maneuvers that kill most businessesThe essential elements necessary for constructing a scalable and enduring enterpriseEmpowering a team by using the 1:3:1 principleTurn struggles into strengths and adversities into your advantageExpanding your comfort zone by engaging the courage flywheelDrive your attitudes, actions and results by understanding the inner character icebergAvoiding the 4P's and 4B's and rather embrace the 4C's as a part of the quality of life quadrant

Startup Santa reminds us that the spirit of play is not just for children—it's a force that can transform the way we approach entrepreneurship, enriching our lives and businesses with boundless wonder and limitless potential.