Author: Rosie Green

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Fleeing from a romance gone wrong, Ellie Farmer arrives in the pretty little village of Sunnybrook, hoping for a brand new start that most definitely does not include love! Following an unscheduled soak in the village duck pond, she meets Sylvia, who runs the nearby Duck Pond Café. Renting the little flat above the café seems like the answer to Ellie's prayers. It's only for six months, which will give her time to sort out her life, far away from cheating boyfriend Richard.But is running away from your past ever really the answer? Clashing with the mysterious and brooding Zack Chamberlain, an author with a bad case of writer's block, is definitely not what Ellie needs right now. And then there's Sylvia, who's clinging so hard to her past, she's in danger of losing the quaint but run-down Duck Pond Café altogether. Can Ellie find the answers she desperately needs in Sunnybrook? And will she be able to help save Sylvia's little Duck Pond Café from closure?READERS HAVE COMPLETELY FALLEN IN LOVE with Rosie Green's LITTLE DUCK POND CAFE series:'A heart-warming story and one to make your heart sing. The perfect book to get cosy on the sofa with and lose yourself . . . can't wait for the next instalment. Please, Rosie, do not stop writing about the girls and Sunnybrook!' - Zoe, Goodreads'Worth waiting for! I have loved every one of the Little Duck Pond Cafe books and this was just as good' - Mrs T, Amazon'A captivating read. Really reels you in and the characters are so believable. This author is so good at what she does. Roll on the next episode!' - Jules King, Amazon'Loved this book! The author keeps you hooked with the storyline and characters you care about. Looking forward to the next instalment.' - Lesley T, Amazon'A can't-put-it-down read. Another brilliant episode of these wonderful stories.' - Sue S, Amazon'Another beautiful little book I couldn't put down. It's so lovely to return to the Little Duck Pond Cafe once again and catch up with all the friends there.' - Sue, Amazon'Light-hearted, funny, with just enough tension. I really enjoyed this book, as I have with the whole series.' - Karen, Amazon'Fabulous! What a great read - kept me hooked from start to finish. I love the visits to the Little Duck Pond Cafe and can't wait for the next book.' - Miss Leica Waldron, Amazon'I love this series so much! And with this latest instalment, I'm in love with it and the inhabitants of Sunnybrook even more!' - Karen Mace, Amazon'Each instalment is like visiting your best friends. It's such a delightful series, with stories that are light and dark, full of the highs and lows of life and love in a glorious village in the English countryside. As always, author Rosie Green injects much warmth and charm within the storyline and you feel very much involved in village life. I hope the author continues to revisit the Little Duck Pond Cafe as I feel she has so much more to give to her readers.' - Adele, Amazon