Author: Laura Winter

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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My name is Clara Rivers, or at least that's what I'm telling people.

I come from a community called The Complex that regulates who gets superpowers. When you turn eighteen, you go through Trials to get your abilities from power sources.

Except I was born with mine, and that's never happened before.

Think hiding telepathic and telekinetic powers is scary? Try hiding the fact that an evil power source called the Blue Star has been showing me visions of my death if I don't use its power. And I was dumb enough to listen.

Now I can't remember who I am, and I'm desperate to find answers as the Blue Star continues to show me my death. Someone is coming after me and I need to hide, but blending in while losing control of explosive powers isn't easy.

And that's an even bigger challenge when I run into Nate and Glitch, who are hiding their own abilities. I'm immediately drawn to Nate's shadow powers, and the Blue Star sees it too. There's something growing between us, and I'm not so sure it's evil.

The more we uncover about my past and the Blue Star, the less certain I am about what we thought we knew. I need to figure out who I was before I lost my memories because the headaches are getting worse, I'm losing control of my powers, and I desperately want to give in to the evil power source.