Author: Phillip Locey

Category: Fantasy

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The gods of our past will come haunting soon, let tremble the earth and shiver the moon…

Unless the King-priest of Chelpa is stopped, the Northern Provinces will fall under the same choking evil as the lands he’s already conquered.Baron Emmert Rogan lost his family and title for merely associating with traitors to the despotic King-priest of Chelpa. When a mysterious agent offers him a chance at a daring escape from Blackthorn Prison, Rogan has nothing to lose. The price of his freedom? Only an assassination of the King-priest: an attempt destined to fail.Jaiden Luminere grew up without a mother, idolizing his mercenary dad. After his father fails to return from a campaign against the armies of Chelpa, he trains relentlessly in order to claim vengeance at the end of a sword.As enemies of the King-priest, a calculating Rogan and skillful-but-impetuous Jaiden find themselves in an uneasy alliance, despite different homelands. Somehow, they must find a way to overcome not only the vast armies of the warmongering Ebon Khorel, but the powerful magic granted to him by a returned Dark God seeking to gain an advantage against his mythic rivals. Failure would mean the corruption of all that remains of the lands and people they love. Can the last hope of their respective peoples overcome their own distrust to untie for a common purpose?

Shiver the Moon

is a gripping heroic fantasy that starts the epic of the Chain of Living Fire. If you like compelling characters, rich world-building, and complex story-telling, you’ll love Phillip M. Locey’s engrossing fantasy saga.Buy

Shiver the Moon

today to start your journey to a world you’ll never want to leave!