Author: J.R. Rain and Chanel Smith

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Sherlock Holmes returns! Book #1 in the all-new series!Sherlock Holmes, legendary sleuth of Victorian London, is asked to authenticate the work of what appears to be a long lost Shakespearean play. Alas, just as the famed detective is about to announce his conclusion, the manuscript is stolen?and the chase is on to locate and recover it...As Sherlock Holmes and his trusted sidekick, Dr. John Watson, begin to unravel the mystery of the missing play, their investigation leads them on a convoluted but logical path. But the closer they come to the missing play, the more their lives are endangered.Now, as the clever pair of investigators become the pursued, can Holmes and Watson locate and recover the missing Shakespeare play without dying at the hands of a diabolical killer?????? "They managed to channel Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's characters impressively and immersed us in his world with absolute ease. Sherlock's deductive reasoning was spot on and delivered in the cold and unemotional manner expected of him. Watson was portrayed as his perfectly balanced foil and storyteller. They succeeded in taking us back to a more romantic time when men were gentlemen and women were ladies." ?Amazon reviewer????? "The heavily detailed mystery unfolded nicely and the evidence was presented to us throughout the story. There is no miraculous, out of left field, solution. It's completely logical, and we're even given a glimpse into the minds of the villains just in case you missed it. The prose is formal, tight and as smooth as silk. You'll find yourself hard-pressed to discern which author wrote which passages. I'm far from being an expert, but I've read most of Rain's work and I couldn't identify his casual writing style at all. It's like he completely morphed into someone else. *Impressed* 5 stars & 2 thumbs way up! I can't wait for, Sherlock Holmes and the Lost Da Vinci!!" ?Amazon reviewer????? "This story absolutely keeps with the traditional Sherlock works. I loved the mystery and intrigue. Sherlock always keeps you guessing. I can't wait to read book two." ?Amazon reviewer????? "The original characters, Holmes and Watson, are spot on, the people around which the story is built are well-developed, and the events and "accessories," handsome cabs, taverns, tea time etcetera are in keeping with the time in which the story takes place and are believable. (I'm so glad he didn't try to bring Holmes into the present?even though I am a faithful viewer of Elementary on CBS.) Being a fan of Conan Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes, I didn't know what to expect in this book but I wasn't disappointed." ?Amazon reviewer????? "I've always been intrigued and loved the friendship and camaraderie between Sherlock and Watson and this is evident in this story as well as any of those written by Conan Doyle himself. It's a great shorter version that still gives you the feel of being in London in the late 1800s. I strongly recommend this book to those who love Sherlock Holmes books, cozy mysteries, and period pieces." ?Amazon reviewer????? "Delightful story in the true fashion of any Sherlock Holmes book. The book is delivered from the perspective of Dr. Watson and it was indeed an enchanting mystery complete with time to have afternoon tea. It was like walking back in time, picking up a Sherlock Holmes book and getting submerged in the mystery as only a Sherlock Holmes book could do. Jolly good job my dear Watson... I don't want to spoil the story but let me tell you that if you were a fan of the original works and author you will not be disappointed." ?Amazon reviewer