Author: D.V. Berkom

Category: General Nonfiction

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Leine Basso is back in Shadow of the Jaguar, an edge-of-your-seat, page-turning action-adventure thriller!

A lost civilization. A woman's abduction. The promise of unimaginable treasure.

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, an expedition finds evidence of a fabled lost city of gold. It isn't long before a ruthless drug trafficker learns of the possible find and kidnaps an expedition member, threatening to kill her and the rest of the expedition unless he's given the coordinates to the city.Former assassin Leine Basso and her daughter are called in to rescue the kidnapped woman, who also happens to be a good friend’s niece. But in the jungle, danger lurks at every turn, and nothing is as it seems...You won’t want to miss this pulse-pounding, exciting thriller—order your copy today!***Praise for Shadow of the Jaguar:"Once you start chapter one...believe me you will not be able to put it down." ~


"...the perfect read for lockdown...Gripping, exciting, well written by someone who isn't merely a competent author, but an inspired one." ~

Dawn Gill

"Don't even think about reading this at bedtime..." ~


"Woohoo!! Leine Basso is back and better than ever. The story grabs you from the first chapter..." ~

Julie Howard

"...gut-clenching, heart-pounding action...with more than a whisper of Barry Eisler..." ~

Library Champion

"The writing and descriptions are so engrossing that at times I was swatting imaginary mosquitos, wiping my brow, listening for the roar of a Jaguar-" ~

Thomas Hart

"A fast paced thrilling walk through the Amazon." ~

Eileen Mitchell

"Loved this book! It has to be my favourite Leine book. This one had action, with many twists, and so many questionable characters that it was hard to know who to trust!" ~

K. Huskic

"I felt like I was right there next to Leine all the way through the book - our author does an amazing job of not only telling a story but adding all of the color around the characters every step of the way." ~

Dean Merritt

"...grabs you the moment you open it and doesn't let go." ~


"...another top rate thriller." ~


"Great action thriller. Started it late this afternoon, and couldn't put it down." ~

Dennis Martin

"This book does not disappoint. It grabs you from chapter one & leaves you panting from the ride on the last page. DV is setting a bar for herself few can follow." ~