Selfie by D.S. Murphy

Author: D.S. Murphy

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Your next selfie. Your last breath. ☤☠♥

When cutting-edge nanotechnology creates a healthcare revolution, Brianna Harmond and her friends hack the government’s project for their high school science fair, and create an app that can alter appearance with the swipe of your thumb. As the dangers of gene-splicing manifest in unpredictable ways, the band of misfits gain powers that border on the supernatural, while falling deeper into an underground world of DNA hackers and body modification.

As her darkest secrets are made public and her techie research cripples her little sister, Brianna finds herself in a bidding war between the government and billion-dollar tech firms, and wrestling with new abilities that defy logic. In the right hands, their scientific discovery could save the world… but in the wrong hands it will end humanity.

"A dystopian fantasy with a scifi twist that will keep you up all night."

This is a near-future YA technothriller with LitRPG elements, but most of the action takes place in a contemporary high school setting. Things begin to fall apart quickly after the apocalyptic repercussions of book 1.