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GRYPH WOULD GIVE HIS LIFE FOR HIS SISTER, BUT SAVING HER COULD COST HIM HIS SOUL. Book 4 of The Realms. Continuing the #1 Bestselling epic LitRPG series begun in Barrow King.Gryph entered the Realms with one mission, to save his sister Brynn. He didn’t want friends. He didn’t want responsibilities. He didn’t want to care. But even the best-laid plans go awry, and after escaping a sentient dungeon and defeating a would-be world conqueror, Gryph is no closer to finding Brynn.Then, while mourning the tragic death of a friend and grappling with the burdens of leadership, an ally, thought long dead, returns offering the slimmest of hopes.This hope takes Gryph and his friends on a journey through strange lands where they must outwit a mystical crime syndicate, evade an infallible bounty hunter and face-off against Brynn herself, now a goddess with no memory of her true self.Gryph must triumph over them all. If he fails, both he and his sister will not only lose their lives, they will lose their souls.Scourge of Souls is the #1 Bestselling sequel to the breakout LitRPG hits Barrow King, The Lost City and Killing Time. It is filled with skill progression, crunchy stats, rpg character sheets, great world building, tons of humor and action that is “a great continuation to one of the best LitRPG series out there.” – thekid on Amazon.

WARNING: Welcome to your new favorite genre.

LitRPG/GameLit books usually feature adventures in a fantasy setting or sci-fi world and feature the progression and gaming elements from tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons 5e and Pathfinder with epic RPG video games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and MMO’s like World of Warcraft. It features leveling up, crunchy stat, a rpg character sheet and skill progression. If this is your first LitRPG or GameLit, then welcome to the dark side of awesome. The Realms will take you back to the days when D&D books were new, and The Elder Scrolls were a glint in the programmer’s eye.

Embrace the adventure, portal to a new world and prepare to lose sleep! You have been warned!

The Realms is a non harem LitRPG series that contains action violence, and some swears, but no sex and is appropriate for teens and adults.

Perfect for fans of The Ritualist, Underworld and Life Reset.

Scourge of Souls is also available in print and as a LitRPG audiobook narrated by Armen Taylor.

The Realms - An Epic LitRPG Series. Suggested Reading Order

Barrow KingThe Lost CityKilling TimeDead Must Die (A Side Quest)Scourge of SoulsThe Forsaken GodChaos RisingThe Ravaged LandDoom Vault (Coming Soon)Source Forge (Coming Soon)