Salvage by Duncan Ralston

Author: Duncan Ralston

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Evil lurks below the surface.

Thirty years ago, the town of Peace Falls was flooded to build a hydroelectric dam. To this day, its ruins remain below the surface of Chapel Lake—including the church, miraculously undamaged after all these years, its steeple visible above the water.

When his younger sister's body is found washed up on the shore, Owen Saddler follows in her footsteps to the cabin she'd rented on Chapel Lake, diving among the ruins below the surface.

Soon he's caught up in a decades-old mystery of the religious mania that divided the town in the late-'70s, and the sudden disappearance of Reverend Crouch and several of his parishioners—a mystery the citizens of Chapel Lake had hoped would stay submerged beneath the water, in the ghost town below.
**Praise for Salvage**

"A quietly-unnerving ghost story with a strong element of mystery behind it." - DLS Reviews

"Beautifully written with realistic characters and a plot that keeps you hanging on until the very end." - Ginger Nuts of Horror

"Something I could easily see penned by Stephen King." ★★★★★ Review

"A fantastic debut novel." ★★★★★ Review

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