Author: D.E. Stevenson

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Although published in 1940, this is an insightful tale of love and commitment that will resonate with modern readers.

When young doctor Kit Stone returns to Britain, a female associate of his brother Henry secures him a post in a country practice. He meets a selection of charming – and not-so-charming – characters and quickly settles in. But then he falls in love with Mrs Rochester.Mardie Rochester is married to Henry’s business associate, but her marriage is unhappy. Her husband is mentally ill. Yet, even when he suddenly disappears, Kit knows that it would be wrong to pursue his love. And when Mardie decides to live in a secluded part of Scotland to await her husband’s return, it seems all hope is lost. And yet …

Rochester’s Wife

is a novel of love and romance that does not shy away from challenging subject matter – subject matter that remains relevant today. With a blend of gritty realism and charming characters and settings, the book will appeal to Stevenson’s many existing fans and those who enjoy romance tales in general.Praise for

Rochester’s Wife


’I enjoyed

Rochester’s Wife

. It was hard to put down. For a while I thought it might be an inverted take on

Jane Eyre

… but in the end it wasn't. The ending to the story is bittersweet and realistic, which for some readers might make it a bit disappointing. But one thing is for certain, the ending is not predictable –

A Library is a Hospital for the Mind

blogDorothy Emily Stevenson

(1892–1973) was a best-selling Scottish author and second cousin of Robert Louis Stevenson. In a career that lasted more than 40 years, she published many books and during her lifetime sold more than seven million copies in the UK and USA alone.