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Have you lately received a diagnosis of mild or severe renal disease??Have you ever considered that a diet may be the answer to your health problems??Are you certain and you'll no longer be able to relish delectable meals??Would you desire to reclaim your former health and vitality while still eating tasty foods??Perhaps you're worried and perplexed about the adjustments you'll have to undertake and how drastically your life will change??Please continue reading if you responded “Yes” for at least any one of these concerns.Who said that having Chronic Kidney Disease meant you have to eat bland food? This, like so many others, is a false belief. Individuals diagnosed of Chronic Kidney Disease prefer to instantly cease enjoying food, and hence life, as a result of this erroneous assumption. However, this does not have to be the case for you.Following a very well-maintained diet regimen, like Renal Diet, can substantially aid in slowing the progression of one’s condition and avoiding dialysis in the coming years.This cookbook teaches you how to love eating again while feeling your energy grow steadily. Here's just a taste of what you'll find inside:? Everything you should know about kidney illness & Nutritional therapy's recognized effects? Necessary Vitamins and Minerals: A blueprint for you to learn why you need to intake specific vitamins and minerals in certain amounts? Physical Exercises and Mental Health Tips: Stop feeling overwhelmed and instead find motivation by practicing the best ways to approach this disease? Easy-to-Do Recipes: Find delicious recipes for everyday meals that are suitable for your renal diet and are also enjoyable for others?Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes: If you already had a specific diet before your disease was diagnosed, you can still make meals that suit you? 30-day Meal Plan with SHOPPING LIST : An updated grocery list for your new lifestyle made accessible for you along with a meal plan to get you started? Your 10 SUPERFOODS: Know the 10 superfoods that are to be your closest friends in your new lifestyle and their benefits? Food Table and Measurement Conversion: A guide for measurement conversion and food table for potassium, protein, sodium, and phosphorus made for your reference? How to Help Others: Recognize and prevent kidney problems with the valuable sources of information written inside. ...And Much More... This practical cookbook contains essential information for each recipe such as its level of difficulty, duration, and the list of ingredients needed which are the three main points needed for you to have a smooth process.It is definitely useful if you’ve just been diagnosed with a kidney problem or if you want to understand how to help family members who are going through it and grasp how to deal with the problem.You’ll find that this book is well-made because it is easy to navigate, and contains the necessary information you need aside from the simple, yet yummy recipes.Allow this book to help and accompany you in your journey.Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!