Author: Cadence Connor

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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An outsider is chosen to be the next dragon queen. Can she gain the trust of her people and lead them to victory against a deadly enemy?When a spoiled heiress visits the stronghold of the dragon riders, she has no idea how much her life will change. All Meilene ever wanted was to leave as quickly as possible so she can take over ruling her father’s kingdom. After a voice calls out in the middle of the night, she stumbles upon a queen egg destined for her.As soon as she bonds with the dragon queen, it becomes clear that no one wants her here and the life she once dreamt of will never happen. Alone in this strange place, Meilene is nothing short of trapped by the current leader, who refuses to give up power to make way for the new queen. While trying to navigate around the duplicitous leader, a new battle emerges with an ancient enemy that resurfaced with the birth of her dragon.To lead the dragon folk against these deadly creatures, she must learn how to inspire a people who never wanted her in the first place, and find a mate for her dragon worthy to rule with. Will Meilene become the ruler she was destined to be or will she lead her people to their deaths?Reign of the Dragon Queen is an unforgettable must-read for any fantasy fan. Order your copy today! Read more