Author: RK Close

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????? "A good book draws you into the story so that you feel a part of it. This is one of those books."

A world where dreams turn to reality and shadows hold untold secrets…I never used to remember my dreams—until I crossed paths with a vengeance-seeking vampire who cannot grasp the concept of 'personal space'. Don’t believe the lies; They don't require an invitation.

As the youngest private investigator in the city of Phoenix, I assumed I'd seen it all. That was before I learned about the creatures lurking below the surface of human society. It could be contagious, because since discovering vampires exist, I can't stop dreaming of things I shouldn't have knowledge of.

Without intending to, I've become a supernatural magnet for TROUBLE, learning way too much about the others. Trust me—you don't want to know.

If meeting an annoyingly beautiful vampire and lifelike dreams weren't enough to lose my mind, I've won the lottery of the unlucky by landing on the top of a supernatural killer's to-do list. Did I mention it’s been a rough week?

My barely there dating life was already hanging by a thread, I'm failing Paranormal 101, and I can't figure out who the good guys are—if there are any. Nobody is who they seem.

I'm in over my head and wondering if an ordinary human can survive this game played by beautiful monsters—without becoming one.

In this pulse-pounding tale of Paranormal Romantic Suspense and Urban Fantasy, Samantha must navigate treacherous and seductive waters if she wants to survive and save those she loves. Will she recognize love from deception, trust from betrayal, before it's too late?

“Vampires in Phoenix! Binge worthy story with a twist that ensures the reader will feel like they are part of the story. If paranormal is your choice in reading, this book will quench your thirst, and if it isn't, it will be.” —Reader Review

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4 - MADNESS (Where it all began - enjoy after any of the first three books)

????? Unveil the secrets, face the darkness, and experience the thrill of this heart-pounding journey alongside Sam. Will she emerge from the shadows unharmed, or will Samantha become the very thing she fears? Find out in this electrifying and emotional ride that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.