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Each year, this proudly Appalachian family went back home like lemmings over a cliff to visit, eat and drink too much and make sure the family bonds were still firmly in place. The ladies of the family made wonderful food, many of the traditional recipes from way before the Great Depression, from the Great War when ration cards were used; when people grew, brew and hunted their food The kids’ games never seemed to change but were loved just the same; as kids played, adults sat back and talked and gossiped; they admired their newest and mourned their dead. Elders were respected and someone always got stung by bees or fell into the pond. It was a time of innocence and joy; the world outside the hollow might be going to pieces but at the reunion with the old folks, it was gone and what remained was family. Enjoy some memories and stories and especially food with me as I walk this memorial path back to the land of my ancestors.