Author: Tamar Sloan

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The best-selling paranormal romance from a USA Today Best-Selling author, Tamar Sloan! Discover the phenomenon of a love that defies boundaries in this complete 7 book box set!Binge read the entire Prime Prophecy Series!The power of their love will spark more than their hearts.When Eden starts at a new school during her senior year, she has no idea how much her life is about to change. On her first day she meets Noah, who immediately draws her in with his summer sky eyes and the secrets he hides behind them.Their connection is as inexplicable as it is undeniable. A connection that has Eden running and Noah burning to know more about this shy, wounded girl.A connection that's destined to spark a prophecy that neither knew existed. A prophecy others are willing to kill for.Because the Prime Prophecy is destined to dictate the future of all - Were, Fae and human alike. Two generations are about to learn that the power of uniting is far greater than choosing to stand alone.For this prophecy is destined to leave a legacy.Included in this epic box set:0. The Moment (Prime Prophecy Prequel)1. Prophecy Awakened2. Prophecy Accepted3. Prophecy Fulfilled 4. Legacy Awakened5. Legacy Accepted6. Legacy FulfilledIf you're a fan of epic romance, then you'll enjoy this captivating series of a love that defies boundaries. Scroll up and binge read this award-winning series now!What others have said about the Prime Prophecy Series:????? “Loved, loved, loved this wonderful book. So magical, so interesting.”????? “One of the best Young adult love stories I’ve read. The writing was exquisite, and the story was beautiful and sweet. Loved every moment of it.”????? “LOVED THIS BOOK!! Great story line and characters. Her descriptive writing made me feel like I was standing right there seeing exactly what the characters were seeing. If you have the time this is a MUST READ!! Make the time to READ IT!!”????? “Ok so books are full of words, right? Well this book takes words to a whole other magnificent level. The descriptive nature of this writer makes words flow in a perfect stream. It's just Amazing how well worded this book is. The words flow through to your soul!”????? “What a phenomenal story! The writing style is eloquent, fluid and passionate without crossing any boundaries. The story is brilliant, it draws you in from the first word and it doesn’t let go until the end. I highly recommend this book to any romance lover.”